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6710 Calhoun Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91405
(818) 904-9044

Valley Glen, CA
(818) 780-7346

Word of Mouth has been transcribing for a wide variety of clients in the Los Angeles area for 22 years. We specialize in transcribing for the entertainment industry, particularly reality television and documentaries.

However, we are also sought after by colleges, infomercial production companies, corporations, writers, and individuals who just need a tape transcribed!

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to each of our clients’ needs and deliver an accurate, detailed, and confidential transcript - always on time and always at an affordable rate.

Satisfying clients for over two decades has always been Priority #1 at Word of Mouth.

Our clients know that we will work closely with them to address and meet their changing needs. In addition to delivering exceptional service and transcripts, Word of Mouth is thriving because our clients have the utmost confidence that they are being treated fairly and always given the best rate possible. Isn’t it time YOU gave Word of Mouth a call?

Acceptable Formats Available Services
Standard Audio Cassettes
Micro Audio Cassettes
Most Digital Formats
(MPS, WAV, DSS, WMA, AVI, WMV, MOV, QuickTime, Real Player)
One-on-One Interviews
Transcription with Time Code
B-Roll Logging
Reality TV – Natural Sound (NAT), OTF
Dialogue Lists
3-Column As Broadcast Scripts

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